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3309 Wallingford Avenue N
Seattle, WA 98103


Firm Profile

McClellan Architects was founded in 1997 by Regan McClellan. The firm is dedicated to providing contemporary design solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

Our strength is our ability to offer complete design services, including master planning, project development, site design, landscape design, architectural services, interior design and lighting design.

The success of our projects comes from the personal collaboration forged between the owner, architect and builder. It is this personal dedication that is the core of our work.


Regan McClellan, AIA


  • Harvard University, Master of Architecture, 1990
  • University of Washington, Bachelor of Arts, 1983


  • American Institute of Architects
  • National Council of Architectural Registration Boards

Regan McClellan founded McClellan Architects in 1997. He has over 20 years of experience in a wide variety of building types and technologies. An experienced and organized manager, Regan is equally adept at overseeing large commercial projects as well as the unique demands of single family homes.

Early in his design career, Regan worked extensively with Michael Van Valkenburgh, a nationally recognized landscape architect. He has drawn on this experience throughout his career, creating a dialogue between his buildings and their surroundings.

Katie Hoke, NCIDQ


  • Kansas State University, Bachelors of Interior Architecture, 2003
  • Denmark International Studies, Furniture Design Program, 2003


  • National Council for Interior Design Qualification

Katie Hoke joined McClellan Architects in 2007, where she leads the interior architecture and design studio. Her professional portfolio consists of high end commercial interiors, retail design, and custom residences. Katie believes that the interior design and function should reflect the client’s life and habits, providing the optimal environment in which to feel relaxed and at home.

Along with her interior architecture expertise, Katie has been an active equestrian for over 25 years. Katie’s knowledge of horses combined with her professional experience gives her a unique expertise to design safe and beautiful equestrian facilities.

Jared Hoke, Assoc. AIA


  • University of Cincinnati, Bachelor of Architecture, 2001
  • Denmark’s International Study Program, Certificate of Architectural Studies, 1999


  • American Institute of Architects

Jared Hoke joined McClellan Architects in 2013. He has 12 years of professional experience focusing on residential design. His portfolio is comprised of multi-family housing, residential-scale landscape planning, and ecological city master planning in China.

Early in his career, Jared took an 18-month sabbatical to pursue an opportunity in Copenhagen, Denmark to work as an academic administrative assistant within an international university setting. This immersion into a culture with rich design tradition instilled a rigorous approach to create simple yet refined, thoughtful yet understated architectural spaces seamlessly interacting with their environments.

Roy Ley, LEED AP


  • University of Nebraska – Lincoln, Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies, 2005



Roy Ley has over 9 years experience in residential and commercial architectural design, with additional experience and certification in sustainable practices. He believes there are a multitude of critical details which must be correct at the outset of design and documentation to ensure a successful project.

With his expertise and focus on residential detailing, Roy brings a craftsman’s sensibility and attention to each situation. He joined McClellan Architects in 2012.

Karen Kline


  • Philadelphia University, Bachelor of Architecture, 2012

Joining McClellan Architects in 2013, Karen Kline is experienced in single family residential architecture and health care design. She moved to Seattle from the east coast in 2012 to pursue a Masters of Architecture at the University of Washington (projected graduation in December 2013).

Mr. Miles


  • Kansas State University, Incomplete


  • HSUS

Mr. Miles started at McClellan Architects in 2013, where he brings his typical gravitas and dignity to his role as Office Manager. While he attended the design studios at Kansas State University he failed to graduate: rather than being consumed with his work, he consumed his homework. His day-to-day activities include coordinating deliveries, greeting clients, and crumb patrol. He has 10 years prior experience managing the Hoke Residence. Mr. Miles enjoys sleeping, eating, and chasing his tail.

Ms. Ginger


  • Hoke Canine Elementary, Bachelor of Sitting, 2013


  • Clean Plate Club

Ms. Ginger Started at McClellan Architects in May of 2013 as an Intern Office Assistant, where, when she is not asleep, she proudly performs her duties as assistant client greeter and crumb patrol, under Mr. Miles supervision. She enjoys chasing chickens, sleeping, chasing Mr. Miles, and cultivating an unconscious adorableness.